Ad #45- Kenwood Chef Advertisement Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Clearly if this advertisement was published now in 2011 it would be considered a politically incorrect message. According to this 1960’s Kenwood advertisement, wives are only good for cooking.

I love that this advertisement shows how far this country has come, but other countries are still in this unfortunate mind-set. 


Ad #44- Louis Vuitton Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

It is not entirely new, but I love this commercial! This beautiful little movie, directed by Bruno Aveillan won several awards like one Gold Clio Award 2008 for “Best Cinematography” and one Gold London International Award 2008.

Through this campaign the Haute Couture Icon Louis Vuitton wants to promote the brand itself, and not a specific product. Images and music combine to create an atmosphere of escape as the camera encounters landscapes and faces as if in a dream, accompanied by the captivating Gypsy guitar of composer Gustavo Santaolalla, who won Oscars for his scores of Babel and Brokeback Mountain.

A bag from this brand appears in the entire ad only once and then comes a question: “Where will life take you?”

Ad #43- 1996 MEA Airlines for Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This commercial still is remembered even though it is from 1996. The commercial was titled, “When you’re smiling.” “Better or for worse” was the tag line for this commercial, and the airlines company has had success in the earlier year, and have since then had their struggles. 

MEA stands for Middle East Airlines, and I thought it was a nice touch to include all age groups including cute little kids to include in the commercial. I found this commercial on many blog sites, and I was interested that it was a Middle Eastern commercial.

Ad #42- African Aids for Trust Condoms Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This ad for Trust Condoms, made me see South Africa in a whole new light. Though the nation is being ravaged by an Aids epidemic, the people of this beautiful country have still managed to retain their sense of humor.

The creators of the African ad have played upon the clichéd and perceived notions about the African men. But there is a message behind all the humor and music. That condoms can not only protect, but can be fun, too.

Ad #41- Australia Snicker’s Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

In July 2005, tens of thousands of Snickers and Mars Bars were removed from Australian store shelves due to a series of threatening letters, which resulted in fears the chocolate bars had been poisoned. Mars received letters from an unidentified individual indicating that they planned to distribute poisoned chocolate bars to store shelves. The last letter he sent included a Snickers bar contaminated with a substance, which was later identified as rat poison.. As a precautionary measure, Mars issued a massive recall. 

This is what made the commercial very interesting to me because I had no clue that there was actually a further meaning to the commercial. This ad come out after this happened advertising for Snicker’s Hazelnut, “That’s Different.”

Ad #40- Brazilian Toyota Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This commercial comically reminded men to think twice the next time the see a hot girl stranded on the side of the road! The commercial actually come out in 1999 in Brazil, and when I was watching I was honestly caught off guard by the ending.

Although, it might be one of the best car commercials I have ever seen. I thought it was creative, and an “out of the box” way of thinking.

Ad #39- Japan McDonald’s Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

A McDonald’s commercial for a new Japanese McDonald’s burger, the “Tomato McGrand” with a sexy female model. It was definitely bizarre, and I was a little confused! Many people online called the commercial “creepy”, which I agree with.

It was definitely way to sexual for a fast food commercial. I really don’t think this could make anyone want to go eat at McDonald’s, but maybe I would have been more impressed if there was a sexy man in the commercial.

Ad #38- Breastfeeding Advertisement Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This advertisement was in Europe elections was “censored” for British viewers because it showed a glimpse of a nipple.

The producers, who made the film on behalf of the European Parliament, were surprised that the British had those feelings. The advertisement will be shown in its entirety in many other European Union countries.

Originally the nipple appeared in a brief sequence showing a baby trying to make up its mind about breastfeeding. The film is intended to show that people have to make choices.

Ad #37- Absolut Hunk Advertisement Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This is actually a fictional ad for ABSOLUT, which appeared on HBO’s Sex and the City. At first I did think that it was a real ad, but I thought it was cleaver and was curious if ABSOLUT even considered using this ad for their product.

The ad stars Jason Lewis who plays a provocative character in the episode. Lewis strikes a sexy pose in character. The episode has sparked a real life drink called the “ABSOLUT HUNK”. 

Ad #36- Clarins Advertisement Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This advertisement was displayed in Paris. It is advertising for Clarins, a European line of make-up and skin care line, which it is also sold in the U.S.

It was surprising to see Europe’s advertisement for the product because obviously in America you would not see this advertisement on the street. However, in Europe that tend to be very sexually open, and nude is shown in many of their ads.

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