Ad #35- Hansaplast “Mom said I could” Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Hansaplast is a condom brand from Europe, and their commercial ‘Maman’ went viral with a French-speaking boy who doesn’t know the meaning of  ‘no’. The entire time I was very confused because for most of the commercial there was no relation to the product.

Until the very end when you saw Hansaplast Condoms across the screen. Once I understood what the product was that was being advertised, then I thought it was hilarious. Although I did think that maybe they should have told what they were advertising for earlier on in the commercial.


Ad #34- Get on Your Snuggie Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This commercial came out in 2009, which was around the time that the Snuggie had become popular. The first thing I thought when I saw this commercial was have cheesy it was, and it almost felt like it was made in the 80s!

It is surprising was a success the Snuggie has become, but people seem to be responding exactly the way the company hoped for. Clearly, it is very silly and maybe even pointless, but people remembered it and it has a little song that you can remember. 

Ad #33- Vodafone Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Vodafone Group is a global telecommunications company that is from London. This commercial was released in 2007. The commercial was funny, but also for that reason it was unrealistic. How would anyone act as a parent if their son called to tell them this? I’m sure they would response the way the father did in the commercial.

The company has also released many commercials from India that have had a great response from viewers. They are known for creating a “shock factor” and being very witty.

Ad #32- Old Spice “Your man could smell like me” Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This commercial was created by ad agency Wieden + Kennedy for Old Spice to market their brand of shower. The original ad features actor Isaiah Mustafa saying a quick monologue about how “anything is possible” if a man uses Old Spice. It was written by Craig Allen and Eric Kallman. 

The New York Daily News gave the ad a great mention, and I personally agree with them. I thought the actor was especially funny. The commercial had 30,000,000 views on YouTube as of February 11, 2011. In July 2010 the ad won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Commercial.

Ad #31- GEICO/Little Piggy Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

When GEICO rolled out this commercial it created quite a buzz in the social world. I personally think GEICO has created some of the best commercials in the past. The spot, appropriately named “Piggy,” puts a funny twist on an old nursery rhyme.

I also think the little piggy is very cute, and it was almost a little jingle that made you remember the commercial even more. Although, I did read up on the commercial a bit online, and noticed that many people quoted the commercial as “annoying”.

Ad #30- American Express/Conan Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

American Express debuted this commercial near the end of 2010 with Conan O’Brien as the star. This was around the time that O’Bien returned to televison with a new talk-show. They also created a extended 2 minute commercial that features Conan O’Brien traveling across India to get only the best ingredients to make some curtains (presumably for his new late night show).

It’s pretty funny and plays almost like a short film. The commercial features Conan going to India in search of the finest silk that will eventually be turned into curtains used on the set of his talk-show. In the process, he rides an elephant and mingles with the locals. I thought it was hilarious!

Ad #29- Trigon Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

A friend showed me this commercial several years ago, and still to this day I remember it. I think it is hilarious! And best of this commercial I remember Trigon, and the fact that they used this cute little boy and he was very creative!

I believe this commercial came out in the early 90’s, and there are actually several others videos with this little boy and other kids. They are all very funny, but still relate to the company.

Ad #28- 1970’s Oscar Meyer Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This commercial is wonderful trip down memory lane for many that grew up eating bologna sandwiches. I remember seeing this commercial, as well as other commercials featuring kids singing the Oscar Meyer song.

This commercial taught me how to spell bologna. It’s not an easy word, but the wonderful jingle they created makes it just roll off your tongue. 

Ad #27- 1989 Energizer Bunny Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

Starting in 1989, the Energizer Bunny started as a bunny, playing the bass drum, that crash a party of drum playing bunnies, in reference to the, Duracell Bunny. I never knew about the Duracell Bunny, or if I did, I totally forgot about them. But as all the bunnies playing slowly lost power, one remained, and then incomes the Energizer Bunny, throwing his nose up to the others by playing a base drum. 

 I loved this commercial.. After this commercial, that bunny just kept going, and going, and going, and it was kind of fun to watch where it was going to keep going next.

Ad #26- Heinz Ketchup “Anticipation” Commercial Friday, Apr 29 2011 

This song by Carly Simon was made famous this Heinz ketchup commercial in the late ’70s. Heinz ketchup is thick and pours very slowly.

In the commercial, a person would be shown waiting for the ketchup to come out of the bottle as the chorus of “Anticipation” played in the background. For this reason, many people think of this song as “The Ketchup Song.”

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